GPS Locator v2.0 {Ready}

The final 2.0 version is ready. The final tweaks have been made and potential bugs have been fixed successfully. The last touch is a new "guidance" section, which will provide information on how to use the app and its new recording feature. The last step will be the review by Apple.

V2.0 has been tested on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs on version 4.3+ and it works perfectly, I assume that it works on iPhone 3G as well. I also have tested the GPS Locator on 4.1+ on the iPhone simulator with success.

I am certain, that the new graphics will be adopted with ease by the users. The most significant changes appear on the feature buttons. The buttons are now part of a slide menu, which keeps the user interface clean and tidy removing any distractions. You can now spot the information you need faster and effortless.

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