GPS Locator [Upcoming Feature]

It is about time to update GPS Locator. Right now I am working on a new feature, that will change a lot of things in the functionality of the application. On the next update RouteTracker will be implemented inside the app.

RouteTracker is a new functionality, which will allow users to record their route. You will have the ability to save your route by session, which means that you can save more than one sessions. You will be able to track your morning run, or your sailing tour. Also, you will be able to track the distance you have travelled, for each session…

The release date is not yet known, because I am still in the process of developing this new feature. By the time I finish it, I will inform you. I might need some beta testers for this version, so you will hear from me soon!

Thanks for downloading GPS Locator, if any concern or problem arises feel free to contact me!

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