Updating GPS Locator

Currently I am working on my first iPhone application GPS Locator, which for those who don't own it is a simple application to monitor your current location, course, speed in a raw format. Except that you can see you location on a map, also send your location using email or SMS, a feature, which can prove to be very helpful in dangerous situations. You can let other people (i.e. paramedics, police, fire brigade or even a friend), know your location in seconds.

The project began as a request of a friend, who wanted to be able to see his location data, using just his iPhone, during sailing. The concept was based on the idea of relinquishing the big and slow GPS device of the boat. The first version was a completely raw presentation of 4 numbers. After a few iterations, GPS Locator managed to go from v1.0 to 1.2.6. Now I am working on version 2.0, which will feature, a not intended, but finally implemented location recording function. As I mentioned this feature was not intended, but there were requests by users of GPS Locator for this feature, so I decided to implement it.

Currently, I am testing the location recording functionality, which will give you the ability to export your tracking records. Along with that there will be a revamp on the user interface (UI) to improve the usability of the app. This refurbishment will provide a much cleaner UI and consequently it will make it look better.

If anyone has any request for new features, feel free to contact me using this email: jolinaras@gmail.com. Please no spam!!! In a couple of weeks from now I will start testing the final version of GPS Locator and I will probably need a few beta testers. I will duly inform you on the matter, when the final version is finished.

GPS Locator on the iTunes App Store

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